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March 16 2017

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March 09 2017

another thing I been workin on

February 04 2017

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All I wanna do is D’OH D’OH D’OH and YEAHHHH BABY and draw some butts

January 27 2017

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January 23 2017

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spent ENTIRELY TOO LONG drawing this

January 10 2017

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inspired by a conversation with my friend Rosemary, here are some handy snacts for you to print out and carry with you at all times

January 09 2017

December 03 2016

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Roko unwinds

November 30 2016

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November 19 2016

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I need to learn how muscles work so I drew a sweaty boy

November 16 2016


Someone on Twitter asked where I would recommend starting if one is interested in getting into techno (or other dance music). Here is my attempt at an answer!

For starters, I’d recommend beginning with DJ mixes. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with singles (dance music’s dominant release format), and artist albums can be wildly uneven, aside from the occasional crossover smash (Disclosure’s first record or Daniel Avery’s “Drone Logic,” for example). Mixes give you a good idea of a particular DJ’s current taste as well as an overview of a certain subsection of the dance music. A good mix takes you on a journey- it’s a unique format that doesn’t get enough love in mainstream music circles. And if a particular track really grabs your attention, you can track down the artist and dive down that rabbithole to your heart’s delight.

So, where to start with mixes?

I have a few go-to labels/imprints that I feel put out consistently good mixes covering a wide variety of styles. Fabric and FABRICLIVE are my two favorites- I’ll go into some detail here.

Fabric tends to feature big-name DJs spinning techno and techno-affiliated stuff: if you’re into deeper, moody stuff or really driving, beat-oriented techno, you’ll find a lot to like. 


Fabric 83: Joris Voorn- Voorn mixes literally dozens of tracks, spliced into micro-loops and layered atop one another to create a seamless mix that verges on deep house without ever becoming treacly.

Fabric 80: Joseph Capriati- On the opposite end of the spectrum, Capriati’s Fabric mix is almost nonstop, punishing techno that remains accessible and never strays too far into the abstract.

Fabric 86: Eats Everything- this one’s more house-flavored, which is to say a little more melody and a little more swing than you’d get on a straight up techno mix. It covers a wide range of tracks and stitches them into a cohesive whole.

FABRICLIVE, on the other hand, trades in UK grime, drum ‘n bass, garage, electro, and all sorts of other stuff generally outside the purview of Fabric’s flagship series. Because of the huge variety of styles, you might absolutely adore one mix and yet loathe another. But it’s virtually certain that some of them will scratch your particular itches.


FABRICLIVE 66: Daniel Avery- the mix that put Avery on the map, a colossal selection of electro and electro-tinged techno. An absolute must-listen.

FABRICLIVE 75 Elijah & Skilliam- this mix from the heads of UK grime label Butters is a fantastic ride. If you’re unfamiliar with grime, it’s a fun introduction to some of that genre’s best artists.

FABRICLIVE 76: Calyx & Teebee- casual listeners probably don’t even know drum n bass is still a THING, but this mix is incredibly vital, relentless, and heavy. If you’re into dubstep, or even metal, you’ll probably find a lot to like here.

Aside from the Fabric stuff, I also recommend DJ-Kicks (tends to be more accessible, established artists), and electronic music site Resident Advisor’s RA Podcast. The RA podcast in particular is great because you get free, weekly high quality mixes from very different DJs. There’s also literally thousands of mixes available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and Boiler Room puts out fantastic live stuff on its Youtube channel.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be intimidated by the scope of dance music or the variety and subtle differences between the genres. Experiment! Scroll through snippets of mixes on iTunes or Soundcloud and see what catches your fancy. There’s a ton of great shit out there if you’re willing to poke around a bit.

November 15 2016

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I love turbovicki

November 08 2016

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Someone asked for a big version of the 2nd to last panel so here you go

October 08 2016

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Look, if you’re a friend of mine and you say one of my characters is hot, I can’t be held responsible for drawing them flirting with you

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September 28 2016

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well, bye

August 01 2016

A Mary Picture Is Mary Worth A Thousand Mary Words

So thanks to @dumbingofage​ I am COMPLETELY ENTHRALLED by this current Mary Worth(!) storyline where some dude abuses prescription painkillers. The drug abuse isn’t the funny part- this is a Real Problem that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and I think authors’ hearts are in the right place. But the hackneyed writing and INCREDIBLE art make this one of the funniest comics I’ve read in ages. A @joshreads​ style breakdown of my favorite panels follows. I’ll go in roughly chronological order.


The greatest line committed to newsprint.


WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE also his girlfriend looks like she’s in her 50s




In times of mental and emotional duress, antidepressants can be a life-saving therapeutic…oh. Oh those aren’t antidepressants are they.




That’s how I hold my hands when I type too. I’m doing it right now.


“Next stop” is traditionally a segue to some sort of travel metaphor, but such banality is beneath the writer of MARY WORTH. And what is he drinking? MIII_||’<?


Obama’s original slogan was much more controversial.


July 07 2016

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I tweaked the colors to make it a little clearer so here’s the new version while we all wait for QC’s site cache to update

June 22 2016

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I’m selling a bunch of original art on ebay, including the first (and so far only) QC strip I’ve done on physical paper! Click here to check them out!

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Made this as a reminder to myself but maybe I’ll make a shirt of it to remind other people too???

Yeah we’re definitely making this a shirt

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